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GM SA-44


  • Joining cast iron to steel
  • Pump rotors and housings
  • Machining errors in castings
  • Building up worn out gear teeth
  • Valves
  • Friction press discs


Technical Datasheet


A specially formulated low heat input super alloy for welding of grey, malleable and nodular cast irons. The electrode gives an extremely shallow and yet sufficient depth of fusion, which ensures minimum dilution of weld metal by the base metal by the base metal. Special features are exceptional crack resistivity, all position weldability and excellent machinability. The weld deposit has good color match with parent metal.


Packaging Information :

Vaccum/Card Board/Plastic carton Packing 10 Kgs = 1 Kgs X 10 Pkt 10 Kgs = 2 Kgs X 5 Pkt