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Metro/Railway: India accounts for having the largest train system in Asia and the Metros make up for the lifelines of our metropolitan cities, with that being mentioned it’s quite obvious it remains one of the staples for transportation, and the products in their making need to be sturdy and reliable enough.

MHIL’s expertise and dedication towards quality has been a core element towards this particular industry in terms of Boilers, Rail coaches, Automobile frames & bodies, Locomotive fireboxes, Storage tanks, Sheet metal work. 

GM 40:

  • A heavy coated rutile type electrode giving radiographic quality welds.
  • Has a very stable arc, smooth rippled bead, and easy slag removal. 

GM 30:

  • Medium heavy coated rutile type electrode, specially designed for radiographic quality welds
  • Stable arc with low spatter
  • Smooth rippled bead
  • Easy slag removal

GM 14:

  • Heavy coated, iron powder rutile type electrode
  • Suitable for welding all mild steel structures, boilers, and pressure vessels.
  • Radiographic quality

GM 24:

  • Rutile base super heavy coated electrode with 140% (approx.) recovery intended for
    horizontal and fillet welding of heavier section construction steels.
  • Weldment is sound and is of radiographic quality 

GM 16:

  •  Basic coated electrode designed for medium high tensile steels,
  •  Subjected to dynamic loading
  •  Cast steel & for non-machinable deposits on cast iron.
  •  Welds are of radiographic quality, ductile & give excellent toughness at minus 20 0C. Diffusible hydrogen is 10 ml (Max.) per 100 g of weld metal.

GM 18: 

  •  A heavy coated low hydrogen iron powder type electrode ideally suited for producing tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality with minimum 110 % recovery.
  • Stable arc with easy slag detachable
  • Typical hydrogen content 3 ml/100 g of weld deposit 


  • Iron powder low hydrogen type electrode
  • Radiographic quality and remarkable impact strength even at minus 50°C
  • Metal recovery is over 110% and typical hydrogen content in weld metal is 4 ml/100gms.

GM 18 A1   

  •  A low hydrogen iron powder type electrode for welding of 0.50%
  • Mo steels and other low alloy steels for elevated service temperatures up to 525 0C.
  • Welds are of radiographic quality.
  • Metal recovery is above 110%.

 GM 80 B2

  •  Excellent for welding creep resistant 0.50 Cr – 0.50 Mo, 1Cr – 0.50 Mo Steels.
  •  Outstanding strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures up to 550 0C.
  •  Metal recovery is above 110%.

 GM 90 D1

  • Heavy coated low hydrogen type electrode designed for welding of high strength, low alloy Steel
  • Weld metal exhibits excellent toughness at subzero temperature
  • Radiographic quality
  • Hydrogen content is below 4 ml/100 g of weld metal.

 GM 307 M

  • Multipurpose austenitic stainless-steel electrode producing 19.8 Cr, 9.8 Ni, 4.0 Mn & 1.0 Mo compositions.
  • Moderate strength, high ductility, good abrasion and wear resistant
  • Good crack resistance and is of radiographic quality

 MIG WIRE                                                                       

  • ER70S-6 Class I
  • ER90S-D2
  • Class III
  • ER 80S-G
  • Class IV
  • ER 308L/ VI
  • ER 309/VII
  • ER 312/VIII


  • Class I to V