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Infrastructure is the support system of industrial & agricultural production, foreign-domestic businesses. It is the basic organisational and physical structure that is required to run a business smoothly. It includes the services and facilities required for economic development, industrialization, improved lifestyles, and flourishing businesses.

MHIL’s competence and commitment towards quality has been a key component in this industry especially when it comes to pipelines, bridges, welding steel etc.


  • Cellulosic type deep penetrating electrode for all positions
  • Radiographic quality, ductile and gives excellent toughness at sub-zero temperatures.


  • High Cellulose Potassium Electrodes of radiographic quality
  • Provides excellent arc stability, increased ductility, better penetration, and low spatters


  • An excellent all-position, cellulosic mild steel electrode providing strong, dependable, X-ray quality welds.
  • Ideal for vertical-down welding in both single and multi-pass operations.


  • Basic coated low hydrogen electrode producing a tough, ductile weld metal for welding heavy sections
  • Produces radiographic welds with excellent ductility and notch toughness down to minus 30°C


  • Heavy coated low hydrogen iron powder type electrode
  • Has a stable arc with easy slag detachable


  • Iron powder low hydrogen type electrode yielding a tough and ductile weld
  • Radiographic quality and displays remarkable impact strength even at minus 50°C


  • A medium coated general-purpose electrode for all positions welding
  • Stable arc with easy to strike and restrike


  • Medium heavy coated rutile type electrode, specially designed for radiographic quality welds
  • Very stable arc with low spatter, smooth rippled bead, easy slag removal

GM-18 A1

  • Low hydrogen iron powder type electrode for welding of 0.50% Mo steels and other low alloy steels
  • Radiographic quality


  • A hydrogen-controlled iron powder type electrode for welding of medium tensile & low alloys structural steels
  • Of radiographic quality & has excellent impact toughness at sub-zero temperatures


  • Heavy coated low hydrogen type electrode designed for welding of high strength, low alloy Steel
  • Exhibits excellent toughness at sub-zero temperature
  • Radiographic quality

GM-100 D2

  • Heavy coated basic electrode designed for welding of high strength, low alloy Steel
  • Exhibits excellent toughness at sub-zero temperature
  • Radiographic quality

GM 110M

  • Low hydrogen iron powder electrode designed for welding of fine grained high tensile steel, and hardened & tempered steel
  • Radiographic quality and gives uniform mechanical properties


  • Low carbon rutile coated austenitic stainless-steel electrode with improved weldability
  • Resistance to cracking, easy striking and restriking without spatters
  • Resistance to inter granular corrosion
  • Very easy slag removal


  • Versatile high strength stainless steel electrode for joining unknown, dissimilar steels, difficult to weld steels and for wear-resistant surfacing & buffer layers.
  • Gives controlled ferrite-austenite duplex structure, providing resilience and strength in joining dissimilar steels.


  • Gives excellent welding characteristic & radiographic quality weld in all position with smooth and stable
  • arc, easy slag removal.
  • Specially designed for super duplex stainless steel nominal composition of weld metal


  • Designed for welding of similar composition duplex stainless steels
  • Excellent combination of high strength and very good resistance to chloride induced pitting and stress corrosion cracking


  • A rutile type stainless steel electrode depositing 25 Cr-20 Ni with excellent stability & oxidation resistance in continuous service up to 1200 0C.
  • Suitable for joining of AISI 310 grade and similar compositions.


  • Extra low carbon deposit rutile type stainless steel electrode for welding of AISI 301L, 302L, 304L, 308L and equivalent grade stainless steels
  • Weld deposit is highly resistant to intergranular corrosion, scaling and cracking up to 800 degree C.

GM 410NiMo

  • A special purpose hard surfacing electrode giving a weld deposit of 12Cr/4Ni/0.5Mo.
  • Weld metal is corrosion, erosion, pitting and abrasion resistant.


  • A Copper coated, manganese- silicon double de- oxidized mild steel filler wire suitable for gas metal arc welding in all positions for mild & carbon steels.
  • Suitable for use mainly with Argon shielding gas