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GMM MIG 312 (ER312)


GMM MIG 312 (ER312)

  • Hard facing applications
  • Armor steel Plates
  • Tools & Dies
  • Spring steel
  • Repair works

Technical Datasheet


ER312 is used to weld cast alloys of similar composition and is used to weld dissimilar metals and weld overlays. This alloy has very high ferrite. When welding similar cast alloys, limit welding to two or three layers only. Two-phase weld deposit with substantial amounts of ferrite in an austenitic matrix makes it highly resistant to weld metal cracking or fissures. Weld deposits are ductile, with good root penetration.


Packaging Information
  • 1 Kg/2lbs – SD100
  • 5 Kg/10lbs – SD200
  • 15Kg/25lbs/33lbs – SD300/BS300
  • 100 Kg – Drum Pack
  • 250 Kg – Drum Pack