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GM SA-71


  • Pickling/Plating tanks
  • Hot forging components
  • Acid pipe lines
  • Hot shear blades
  • Pumps, Vats
  • Hot trimming dies
  • Die stamps


Technical Datasheet


A special low heat input super alloy for rebuilding of worn out component used for handling hot metal or work under high temperature conditions. The deposit resists deformation from static or dynamic loads at high temperature. Unsurpassed resistance to oxidizing acids, mixed acids, salts and chlorine-bearing compounds at normal to elevated temperatures. Recommended for overlaying or joining dissimilar high alloys, particularly of nickel based type such as the hastalloys, Inconel’s and the illiums.


Packaging Information :

Vaccum/Card Board/Plastic carton Packing 10 Kgs = 2 Kgs X 5 Pkt