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GMM MIG 307Si (307Si (1.4370))


GMM MIG 307Si (307Si (1.4370))

  • Defence Industries
  • Armor steel Plates
  • Railways coach
  • Automobile
  • Mining equipment

Technical Datasheet


GMM MIG 307Si is a solid wire electrode for GMAW, intended for welding work-hardenable steels, Armor steel and austenitic stainless manganese steels. Also suitable for joining stainless chromium steels with chromium content up to 17% and overlay welding of mild steels and low-alloy steels. GMM MIG 307Si is similar to ER 307 type with increased manganese content (≈ 6.0%), reducing the risk for hot cracking.


Packaging Information
  • 1 Kg/2lbs – SD100
  • 5 Kg/10lbs – SD200
  • 15Kg/25lbs/33lbs – SD300/BS300
  • 100 Kg – Drum Pack
  • 250 Kg – Drum Pack