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GMM TIG 347Si (ER347Si)


GMM TIG 347Si (ER347Si)

  •  Food & Beverages industries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Oil refineries
  • Steam valves & fitting


Technical Datasheet



ER347Si is recommended for welding AISI 347 and 321. The weld metal has good resistance to general corrosion. The alloy is stabilized with Niobium to improve the resistance against intergranular corrosion of the weld metal. The higher silicon content improves the welding properties, such as wetting. Due to the niobium content this alloy is recommended for use at higher temperatures ER347Si is suitable for applications where welds are subjected to high temperatures (+ 750ºF).


Packaging Information
  • 1 Kg/2lbs – Tube
  • 5 Kg/10lbs – Tube
  • 20Kg/40lbs – Box (4 Tubes)