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GMM TIG 310 (ER310)


GMM TIG 310 (ER310)

  • Industrial furnaces and equipment
  • Cement plants
  • Steel industries
  • Heat exchanger


Technical Datasheet


ER 310 is used for welding types AISI 310, 304 clad stainless steel, ferritic and martensitic chromium steels, and for stainless steel overlay work on mild and carbon steels. 310 welding wire produces weld deposits of high strength and high resistance to scalling at elevated temperatures. Scaling resistant ferritic chromium steels, provided that corrosion attack by reducing sulphur-bearing combustion gases is not be expected. Weld metal exhibits good toughness down to -196°C and non-scaling up to 1200°C.


Packaging Information
  • 1 Kg/2lbs – Tube
  • 5 Kg/10lbs – Tube
  • 20Kg/40lbs – Box (4 Tubes)