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GM 308 H (E 308H-16)


GM 308 H (E 308H-16)


  • Welding of AISI 304, 304H, 321H, 347H stainless steels
  • Suitable for material no. 1.4301, 1.4948, 1.4878
  • For petrochemical and nuclear industries for elevated temperature creep resistance application


Technical Datasheet


Stainless steel electrode depositing 19Cr – 10Ni stainless steel weld metal with carbon in the range of 0.04 – 0.08%.Weld metal possesses excellent crack resistance and displays good elevated temperature properties. The deposit is resistant to embrittlement and scaling. Excellent weldability in all position except vertical down.


Packaging Information :

Vaccum/Card Board/Plastic carton Packing 10 Kgs = 1 Kgs X 10 Pkt 10 Kgs = 2 Kgs X 5 Pkt 20 Kgs = 5 Kgs X 4 Pkt