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GM 80 B8 (E 8018-B8)


GM 80 B8 (E 8018-B8)


  • Suitable for welding of 9% Cr type P5B materials in forging, pipes, tubes & casting form.
  • For general corrosion and heat resistance application.
  • In power plants, Oil refineries, Chemicals & Petrochemical Industries.
  • This alloy offers improved toughness and better creep properties.


Technical Datasheet


Low hydrogen electrode yielding 9% Cr, 1% Mo welds metal. Weld metal displays excellent strength & creep resistance at elevated temperature up to 700 oC. The weld metal is of radiographic quality.


Packaging Information :

Vaccum / Card Board Packing 10 Kgs = 2 Kgs X 5 Pkt 20 Kgs = 5 Kgs X 4 Pkt