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GM 120G (E 12018 G)


GM 120G (E 12018 G)


  • It is ideal for welding high strength low alloy steels used for sub- marine hull construction.
  • Welding heat treated steels with yield strength up to 900 Mpa such as XABO 900.
  • Heavy lifting earth moving equipment.
  • Pressure vessels steel plate


Technical Datasheet


Low hydrogen electrode to deposit a very high strength weld metal. It is provide excellent crack resistance, good mechanical properties and smooth bead appearance. It has good arc with easy slag removal. Proper base metal are also including forging cast iron pressure vessel steel plate etc. The weld are of radiographic quality.


Packaging Information :

Vaccum / Card Board Packing 10 Kgs = 2 Kgs X 5 Pkt 20 Kgs = 5 Kgs X 4 Pkt