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The equipments in the mining sector undergo a rigorous process which decreases their lifespan. To use the right kind of weld and alloy for this sector is of essence as the slightest ignorance can lead to large scale disasters.

MHIL through its expertise and dedication towards bringing out quality solutions has been a rather crucial part of this sector. 


  • GM – 70P is an excellent all-position, cellulosic mild steel electrode
  • Provides strong, dependable,X-ray quality welds
  • It delivers great arc stability with deep penetration possible when welding 5L, 5LX and X52-X65 pipes
  • Ideal for vertical-down welding in both single and multi-pass operations



  • GM 24 is a rutile base super heavy coated electrode with 140% (approx.)
  •  Weldment is sound and is of radiographic quality.



  • GM 16 is a basic coated electrode
  • Welds are of radiographic quality, ductile & give excellent toughness at minus 20 0C
  • Diffusible hydrogen is 10 ml (Max.) per 100 g of weld metal



  • GM 18 is a heavy coated low hydrogen iron powder type electrode
  • Ideally suited for producing tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality with minimum 110 % recovery
  • It has a stable arc with easy slag detachable
  • Typical hydrogen content 3 ml/100 gms of weld deposit



  • GM 18 SPL is an Iron powder low hydrogen type electrode
  • Yields a tough and ductile weld for welding heavy and rigid structures subjected to dynamic loading and impact.
  • Weld metal is of radiographic quality
  • Displays remarkable impact strength even at minus 50°C
  • Metal recovery is over 110% and typical hydrogen content in weld metal is 4ml/100g


GM 90G

  • GM 90G is a basic coated low hydrogen electrode
  • Designed for welding high strength low alloy steels and also quenched and tempered steel
  • The weld metal possesses excellent toughness at sub zero temperature down to minus 51 0C
  • Metal recovery is approx.. 115 %
  • Gives radiographic welds
  • Diffusible hydrogen in weld metal is around 5 ml/100 gms of weld metal


GM 90 M

  • GM 90 M is a hydrogen controlled iron powder type electrode
  • Weld metal exhibits high impact values at sub- zero temperatures
  • The metal recovery is over 110%


GM 110M

  • A Low hydrogen iron powder electrode
  • Designed for welding of fine grained high tensile steel, and hardened & tempered steel such as USS-T1, Welten 80 steel etc
  • Weld metal is of radiographic quality and gives uniform mechanical properties
  • Metal recovery is over 110%


GM 307 M

  • GM 307 M is a multipurpose austenitic stainless steel electrode
  • The weld metal has moderate strength, high ductility, good abrasion and wear resistant properties
  • The weld metal is good crack resistance and is of radiographic quality



  • A versatile high strength stainless steel electrode
  • For joining unknown, dissimilar steels, difficult to weld steels and for wear-resistant surfacing & buffer layers
  • The deposit hardness is ~220 HB
  • Weld deposit gives controlled ferrite-austenite duplex structure, providing resilience and strength in joining dissimilar steels
  • Deposits are tough, wear resistant and superior crack resistance with high tensile strength