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That one sector forms the backbone of all the other major industries- Power. Literally powering through the numerous sectors of our human world, this sector also goes through the most abrasion, cavitation, corrosion, impact and erosion.

The resources for its maintenance, repair and installation can be quite an expensive experience and even after it the legitimacy of the products can be  questionable usually. 


MHIL’s passion for producing quality products tailored as per consumer preference in a cost effective manner has been an inseparable part of the power industry as a whole. 

We provide a range of solutions that empowers the Power industry. 


  • A medium coated Rutile type electrode for all positions welding
  • Has a stable arc with easy to strike and restrike and gives radiographic quality welds.
  • It has less-spatter with self peeling slag removal

GM 30 

  • A medium heavy coated rutile type electrode
  • Specially designed for radiographic quality welds
  • Has a very stable arc with low spatter
  • Smooth rippled bead
  • Easy slag removal


  • A heavy coated, iron powder rutile type electrode, suitable for welding all mild steel structures, boilers, pressure vessels
  • Welds are of radiographic quality
  • The electrode has a metal recovery of 110 % minimum
  • GM 14 is suitable for all types of joints to achieve faster speed and higher welding output


  • A rutile base super heavy coated electrode with 140% (approx.)
  • Recovery intended for horizontal and fillet welding of heavier section construction steels.
  • Weldment is sound and is of radiographic quality.


  • It is a basic coated electrode designed for medium high tensile steels, subjected to dynamic loading, cast steel & for non machineable deposits on cast iron.
  • Welds are of radiographic quality, ductile & give excellent toughness at minus 20 0C.
  • Diffusible hydrogen is 10 ml (Max.) per 100 Gms. of weld metal


  • A heavy coated low hydrogen iron powder type electrode ideally suited for producing tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality with minimum 110 % recovery.
  • It has a stable arc with easy slag detachable.
  • Typical hydrogen content 3 ml/100 gms of weld deposit


  • Iron powder low hydrogen type electrode yielding a tough and ductile weld for welding heavy and rigid structures subjected to dynamic loading and impact.
  • Weld metal is of radiographic quality and displays remarkable impact strength even at minus 50°C.
  • Metal recovery is over 110% and typical hydrogen content in weld metal is 4ml/100gms.

GM 18 A1

  • A low hydrogen iron powder type electrode for welding of 0.50% Mo steels and other low alloy steels for elevated service temperatures up to 525 0C.
  • Welds are of radiographic quality
  • Metal recovery is above 110%

GM 80 B2

  • A low hydrogen iron powder electrode which deposits 1.25% Cr- 0.50% Mo weld metal
  • Excellent for welding creep resistant 0.50 Cr – 0.50 Mo, 1Cr – 0.50 Mo Steels
  • Weld metal displays excellent strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures up to 550 0C
  • Metal recovery is above 110% 

GM 80 B8

  • A basic coated low hydrogen electrode yielding 9% Cr, 1% Mo welds metal
  • Weld metal displays excellent strength & creep resistance at elevated temperatures up to 700 oC
  • The weld metal is of radiographic quality

GM 80C1

  • Fabrication of components made of steels to ASTM 516 Gr. 70
  • The weld metal is of radiographic quality & has excellent impact toughness at sub zero temperatures
  • It has a high melting rate for achieving excellent root penetration
  • The diffusible hydrogen is below 4 ml/100 gms of weld metal

GM 90 B3

  • A basic coated, low hydrogen electrode which deposits 2.25% Cr- 1% Mo weld metal
  • Suitable for welding  2.25% Cr – 1% Mo, Cr-Mo-V steels as well as cast steels of similar composition
  • The welds are of radiographic quality.
  • Excellent strength and creep resistance at elevated temperature up to 575oC

GM 90 M

  • GM 90 M is a hydrogen controlled iron powder type electrode for welding high tensile and low alloy structural steels.
  • Weld metal exhibits high impact values at sub- zero temperatures
  • The metal recovery is over 110%


  • GM-347 is a 19/10 Nb stabilised stainless steel electrode for welding of AISI 304,308,321 & 347 grades
  • Weld metal shows maximum resistance to cracking & gives excellent chemical & mechanical properties

GM 410

  • GM 410-16 is a special purpose hard surfacing electrode giving weld deposit of 13Cr/0.7Ni/0.5Mo
  • Weld metal is corrosion, erosion, pitting and abrasion resistant.
  • Suitable for surfacing of casting of similar composition, turbine blades & runner, pressure valves & valve seats etc


  • Specially designed for super duplex stainless steel nominal composition of weld metal is 25.5 Cr, 10 Ni, 4 Mo and 0.25 N
  • Pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) is at least 40
  • excellent welding characteristic & radiographic quality weld in all positions with smooth and stable arc, easy slag removal


  • Arutile type stainless steel electrode depositing 25 Cr-20 Ni
  • Excellent stability & oxidation resistance in continuous service up to 1200 0C
  • Suitable for joining of AISI 310 grade and similar compositions
  • Weld bead is smooth, uniform and of excellent appearance


  • MODI SS- 308L is low carbon rutile coated austenitic stainless steel electrode with improved weldability having up to 10 FN (Ferrite Content)
  • Resistance to cracking, easy striking and restriking
  • Without spatters, resistance to inter granular corrosion, very easy slag removal, smooth weld bead appearance etc.